Dairy welfare schemes for animals

  • MILCH ANIMAL WELFARE SCHEMES:Loan facilities for the purchase of milch animals to the tune of Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 per animal
  • Ninety percent transportation charges would be given by dairy for the  milch animals purchased from other states
  • Financial assistance of Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 per animal would be given to the farmers in case of the death of the milch animal
  • Dairy would provide 90 per cent insurance coverage for the milch animal purchased from other states for a period of one-year
  • Veterinary medical assistance at the doorstep of the farmer
  • Artificial insemination for the milch animal at the doorstep of the farmer
  • Distribution of sexed semen at 50 per cent subsidy to the farmers
  • Financial assistance of Rs 3,000 cash and Rs 7,000 worth as fodder and nutritional supplement given to female calves born through sexed semen
  • Conduct of mini-veterinary camps every three months and distribution of the medicines at 50 per cent subsidy
  • Mega veterinary medical camps would be conducted once in a year at the MPIs procuring more than 100 litres per day
  • Emergency medical assistance for milch animals at the doorstep of farmer at a cost of Rs 250 for ambulance services
  • Vaccination of milch animals at 50 per cent subsidy
  • Supply of mineral mixture at 25 per cent subsidy to increase milk production
  • Supply of calcium liquid at reasonable price
  • Fodder seed distribution at 50 per cent subsidy
  • Financial assistance of Rs 1500 to Rs 3,000 for cultivation of perennial fodder crops

Distribution of chaff cutters at 50 per cent subsidy

Distribution of animal trevis at 50 per cent subsidy

To increase milk production, the azolla culture would be given free of cost

Perennial grass slips will be supplied free of cost

Breeding bulls distribution at 50 per cent subsidy

Distribution of quality cattle feed by providing subsidy of  Rs 100 per quintal

Distribution of cross-breed heifers through auction to the milk producers

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