Dairy welfare programmes for farmers

  • The Karimnagar Dairy has emerged number one in terms of launching several welfare schemes for the milk producers and their family members and as well as the milking animals:KALYANAMASTHU:  Under this scheme, the dairy would distribute 2.5 grams of gold (thali) and 5 grams of silver (mettalu) during the time of marriage of daughter of milk producer
  • PAADI RYTHU BHAROSA:  In this insurance scheme, the dairy would provide financial assistance of Rs 50,000 to the bereaved family of milk producer after his or her death
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Under this scheme, the milk producers, who joined the Paadi rythu bharosa insurance scheme, children would be given scholarships for getting highest marks in the ninth and tenth.
  • PAALANIDHI: This is the novel scheme wherein the dairy would provide financial assistance or pension to the milk producer after attaining the age of 60 years.
  • PAADI RYTHU SANSKSHEMA NIDHI: A financial assistance of Rs 30,000 would be provided to the family of milk producer, who had availed loan, after his or her death.
  • VIDYA PROSTHAKALU: Financial assistance of Rs 10,000, Rs 8,000 and Rs 5,000 for the children of milk producer from each Milk chilling centre for securing highest marks in Intermediate examination in the categories of first, second and third respectively.
  • MILK PRODUCER INSTITUTES (MPI):  Grant of Rs 50,000 for construction of temporary building and Rs 1 lakh for the construction of RCC building
    FERTILIZERS:  Distribution of fertilizers to the milk producers at reduced rates than the market price.
  • FUNERAL EXPENSES:  Funeral expenses of Rs 7,000 would be given for milk producer institute (MPI) president and Rs 5,000 for the milk producer

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